Vanessa L Jass, B.A., LL.B.

Lawyer, Author, Professional Coach, Business Consultant, & Public Speaker
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Professional Coach and Business Consultant



Having operated her own busy and successful law firm for over 13 years, Vanessa has had the experience of mentoring and coaching many associate lawyers over the years. In addition to training and developing lawyers’ professional careers as lawyers and entrepreneurs, she has gained immeasurable experience that she uses now in her Professional Coaching business.

Using result-based coaching strategies, the client will not only obtain outcomes for specified goals, but will enhance their personal and professional lives because of more enriched outcomes and results.

I am Real: A Personal Story of Triumph

by Vanessa Jass

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KIR Foundation - #Kellyisreal

KIR Foundation: Kelly Is Real has been founded to directly help survivors of human trafficking triumph in their lives after they have escaped.

Kelly was born and raised in a small town and left home at 16 years old because like many female adolescents she had trouble following the rules.  She was homeless and targeted by perpetrators, and she was a wonderful person that was loved and she lost her young life.  

All too often the victims of human trafficking have had to hide their stories of victimization, escape, and most of all, triumph over the circumstances that had them targeted by traffickers.  We see news stories of their murders and we soon forget who these nameless faces are.  

This foundation will help survivors stay out once they have escaped by providing funds directly to street level non-governmental organizations, providing scholarships and bursaries to individuals who are committed to change, as well as, providing residual income to applicants who are individually committed to education and employment opportunities that improve their economic empowerment.  

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Elite Coaching packages are specifically designed for professionals who have under 5 years’ experience in their profession, or who have been entrepreneurs for under 5 years or first time entrepreneurs who are planning on starting up a new business.



Platinum Coaching packages are for professionals who are experienced in their field, experienced entrepreneurs, or management level professionals who are seeking internal or external business development changes.