KIR Foundation #Kellyisreal


#Kellyisreal is to raise awareness that the victims are our daughters, sisters, nieces, mothers, and friends. The victims are real and should not be "forgotten" because they were victimized.

All too often the victims of human trafficking have had to hide their stories of victimization, escape, and most of all, triumph over the circumstances that had them targeted by traffickers. We see news stories of their murders and we soon forget who these nameless faces are. It is around the corner from us, and there are real people who are victimized daily by this social problem. There are many victims of human trafficking who have successfully escaped and changed their lives for the better.

Unfortunately, it may take some time before society and government are able to eradicate human trafficking, but this foundation will help victims stay out once they have escaped by providing funds directly to street level non-governmental organizations, providing scholarships and bursaries to individuals who are committed to change, as well as, providing residual income to applicants who are individually committed to education and employment opportunities that improve their economic empowerment.

KIR Foundation has been founded to directly help victims of human trafficking triumph in their lives after they have escaped. It is a nationally incorporated charity with a Board of Directors. The inaugural funds will be used for the following:

  1. Setup of US legal paperwork for IRS to enable a tax deduction
  2. Additional fundraising efforts
  3. Provide funding directly to charities that are operating with a mandate to aid victims of human trafficking.

KIR Foundation #kellyisreal.