"I am a lawyer admitted to practice in Ontario. Vanessa has been my mentor for several months prior to my Bar Call.  As a new lawyer, she remains my professional development coach and continues to assist me in honing my practice management skills.  Vanessa is a stellar mentor. She boosts my confidence with every session. The best part about our interactions is the ease at which we communicate. She listens to your position then provides meaningful guidance and suggest alternative approaches.  Vanessa's broad-based experience is obvious. Her advise is practical, pointed and coined in a manner that makes it easy to receive and apply. I have truly benefited from her guidance. I am thankful to CABL for connecting us."

Current Mentee

"I cannot thank you enough for all your help and guidance during some frustrating and uncertain times in my career. You not only put the calm in my turbulent ocean of waves but you gave me sound advice which I followed because I believe in you. I admire your strength and aptitude and feel that this is only the beginning to greater things for you to acheive. Just yesterday, you told me that what you do is not about the money but rather about helping people. This is indicative of who you are and the extent of your generosity and caring character. Wishing you all the best and I am behind you all the way!"
Coaching Client

"I have always been impressed by Vanessa’s fearless approach to the law and her ability to open up her own law firm when she was only 1 year at the Bar.  Vanessa recognizes the importance and need to deliver a strong professional service to clients and her extraordinary business sense and style has enabled her to run a law firm that has been successfully operating for 12 years.  Throughout her legal career, Vanessa has been a mentor to young lawyers entering the legal profession and by the recent launch of her new business, KIR legal business coaching, she has dedicated herself to providing a coaching service to those young lawyers who want to open up their own firm. Vanessa has proven she has what it takes to run and maintain a successful law practice so I would encourage any young lawyer to sign up and take advantage of Vanessa’s coaching course."
Denise Mentis-Smith